Why EFS Sydney?

• Quality Service
A dedicated EFS Consultant is assigned to every customer managing each new finance application through to settlement.

• Fast Finance
Exceptional service coupled with outstanding processes result in faster finance exactly when you need it.

• Easy Applications
Simple one page applications and electronic documentation ensure a seamless, expedited application process.

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Welcome to EFS Sydney

We live in the fastest age known to mankind. Faster travel. Faster communication and faster lifestyles. Our business needs are no different. Our clients demand quicker results and we endeavour to provide prompt products and services to retain our competitive advantage. In business, having a first to market advantage allows companies to capitalise on the opportunity, in-turn needing faster financial solutions to help them secure the competitive advantage through business equipment leases.

At EFS, our quest is to provide Fast Business Equipment Leasing options for businesses wanting quick finance. If you’re in business and need to move quickly to gain the right finance with the right terms, simply identify your criteria through our simple, easy to use website and take the first four steps to your business success.

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